Product Portfolio

  • Regional Airliner
  • Air Freighter
  • Multi-purpose
  • Business Version
  • MA60
    The MA60, a twin-engine turboprop, is designed, developed and certified according to the CCAR-25 and acts as the pathfinder of Chinese civil aircraft industry.
  • MA600
    The MA600 is design and upgrade based on MA60 with optimized fuselage structure, more advanced glass-cockpit with integrated avionics, more comfortable interior, and extended range.
  • MA700
    The MA700 is the next-generation turboprop which is positioned in the medium capacity sector of regional air transport within 800 kilometers. The MA700 features economical operation, comfort cabin, high speed, airport and airline adaptability, and could be customized for different regions. All these make the MA700 the best solution for regional passenger-transportation.
  • MA60D
    The MA60D is the air freighter converted from the old MA60 aircraft which meets the CCAR-121. The maximum payload of MA60D is 6100kg with the E-class configuration.
  • MA600F
    The MA600F is the cargo version of MA600, which is the ideal choice for regional freight transportation. The cargo compartment of MA600F could hold 7 LD2 containers, 5 LD3 containers, 5 pallets(88in×53in) or 5 pallets(88in×61.5in), respectively.
  • MA60E
    The MA60E artificial-rain aircraft, which is equipped with detection system, mission management system and ground support system, is an artificial rain enhancing platform with the integrated functions of information gathering, command & communication, and spreading.
  • MA60R
    The MA60R Remote Sensing Aircraft is a new generation high performance aviation remote sensing platform. This aircraft is equipped with series of high performance remote sensing devices that can be operated simultaneously, and the cabin design enables several operators to work at the same time.
  • MA60 medical aid aircraft
    The MA60 medical aid aircraft is another modified version of MA60. It is capable of undertaking medical tasks such as medical security, first aid and casualty transport in varied airports and weather conditions.
  • MA60B VIP aircraft
    The MA60B VIP aircraft is the optimized choice for VIP guests, enterprise CEO, senior executives, and others for business travel and visit. It has state-of-the-art airborne equipment and comfortable service facilities. Cabin interior and layout can be customized for specific demand.

Business Version